Mahdist Ansar - Sudanese Tribesmen 1881-1885

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40 Hartplastikfiguren
The box contains 40 28mm multipart hard plastic miniatures including command. These can be assembled to represent the Beja (Fuzzy Wuzzies)early or late war, Kordofan rebels or Nile Arabs that fought the British and Egyptian forces between 1881-85 during the Mahdist Uprising. There are two command sprues and three infantry on which are 40 Beja heads and 40 bare headed and capped ones as well. All arms are seperate with a mixture of spears, swords, throwing sticks and 8 rifles. The 36 shields are intended for the Beja. Also provided is historical background by the esteemed author Lt. Col. Mike Snook, 6 flags and sand coloured unit bases.r>
Die Figuren sind nicht bemalt, und müssen teilweise noch zusammengebaut werden.

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