Agincourt Mounted Knights 1415-29

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Die Box enthält Plastikgußrahmen zum Bau von 12 reitenden Rittern.

Box contains 12 mounted European Knights of which up to 6 can be made as light horse (mounted archers or sergeants).

The figures in this set represent European Knights from 1415-1429. Armour and clothing variants allow French, English, German, Polish or Italian horsemen to be built. Up to half the figures can be assembled to represent light horse; mounted sergeants or archers. Up to half the horses can be armoured. Although there are 12 mounted figures in the set, there are enough parts to build another 6 full riders; we sell additional horses on our website under the Plastic Accessories list code B 29. There are also many arm, torso and leg variants to allow a huge amount of individuality and poses to be achieved, with fair amount of spare parts. Various parts from previous Agincourt sets can be used with these too.

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