Count Tilly, Imperial Commander

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Das Set Count Tilly, Imperial Commander von Warlord Games aus der Serie Thirty Year War enthält 1 Modell im 28mm Maßstab aus Metall.

Die Figuren sind mehrteilig und müssen zusammengebaut werden.
Die Modelle werden unbemalt geliefert.


Johann Tserclaes, Count of Tilly, commanded the Imperial forces during the Thirty Years War.  He had a string on important victories against the Protestants but was then defeated by forces led by the King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden.  Along with Albrecht von Wallenstein he was one of two chief commanders of the Holy Roman Empire's forces.
A great general, he met his end after being hit by a cannonball at the Battle of Rain against the Swedish forces.  Gustavus sent his own personal physician to tend to his wounds leading Tilly to tell him "Your king is truly a noble knight".  Sadly Tilly was to die of tetanus from his wound fifteen days later.   
Contains one mounted metal miniature, supplied unpainted

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