Tabletop terrain from XPS foam: Buildings (english)

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Techniques, tutorials and tons of tips: This is your ultimate guide for creating superb tabletop buildings! In 5 detailed chapters you?ll learn everything you need to build amazing buildings for your tabletop and wargaming tables. The ?beating heart? of this book are 14 rich tutorials with clear step-by-step instructions to create stunning buildings: fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, historical, wild west, ancient/ruined and more. Every popular tabletop genre will be honored with at least one building. And: You?ll find tips that work fast and easy to combine and modify each building for putting a maximum of variety and individuality on your own gaming board. This 220-page DIN A4 sized book was successfully funded on Kickstarter and written by the longstanding terrain makers Gerard Boom (Shiftinglands) and Michael Martin (Tabletop Workshop).


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