Simians 2

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Das Set enthält 4 Modelle im 28mm Maßstab aus Metall.

Figuren sind mehrteilig und müssen zusammengebaut werden.
Die Modelle werden unbemalt geliefert.



The Simians are a band of proto-human origin, who survive by guile and outright theft.

Their ancestors were the Ororin, cousins of the great apes as well as man, who wandered into the Savage Core eons ago. They survived and prospered in their jungle home, often occupying vast cyclopean ruins abandoned by the many primordial empires of man.

They have an almost fatal attraction to curious trinkets which they collect, either by bargaining or theft, over many years, making these hordes extremely attractive to treasure hunters from the surface world.

The strongest, cleverest and most loyal members of the troop accompany the Alpha on raids and hunts. When a border skirmish or raid escalates into war, the war party is bolstered by more brave troop members.

Model supplied unassembled and unpainted

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