Saxon Thegns

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Die Box enthält Plastikgußrahmen zum Bau von 44 Saxon Thegns Figuren und einen Plastikgußrahmen mit eckigen 20mm Bases von Renedra.

Figuren müssen zum Teil noch zusammengebaut werden, es wird Plastikkleber benötigt.

Inside you will find parts to assemble 44 finely-detailed Saxon Thegns primarily armed with spears plus some swords and hand-axes. The box contains specific extra parts to turn up to two of your warriors into Saxon Lords and up to two into horn-blowers. Also included are two Draco standards to turn up two of your figures into standard bearers, plus two paper banners that can be attached to your spear armed warriors. The Thegns (pronounced Thanes) were nobles of Saxon England who held land in return for military service. In times of war they served their lords as the military elite of the Saxon armies. Highly trained and motivated, it was the prowess of the Thegns that enabled legendary kings such as Alfred The Great to drive back the pagan Viking invaders and Athelstan to become the first King of all England.

Sculpted by Bob Naismith.

Please note, the round shields in GBP02 are also the same as GBP01 Viking Hirdmen, GBP03 Dark Age Warriors and GBP16 Dark Age Cavalry.

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25mm rund (50)

25mm rund (50)

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40mm rund (10)

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