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Naffatûn für das Spiel Infinity von Corvus Belli

Box mit 4 Miniaturen: 2x Naffatûn (Rifle Heavy FT), 2x Naffatûn (Rifle Light FT)

The Naffatûn form a unit of Ghulam Infantry equipped with incendiary arms.

They are usually deployed instead of other infantry units to clear routes and areas, what, in their slang they call ?clearing the undergrowth? (using ?slash and burn? techniques).

The Naffatûn go into battle alone which is understandable given that that they are loaded with flammable equipment. They carry extra loads of Naft (highly concentrated napalm) in their backpacks and their flamethrowers are equipped with pressurized tanks of gelatinized gasoline. Were they to receive a direct hit, even though it was a stray bullet, they would be transformed into a flaming hell. Who would want to be at their side then?

Die Figuren sind mehrteilig und müssen zusammengebaut werden. Plastikbases sind enthalten. Alle Figuren werden unbemalt geliefert.

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