Malifaux 3rd Edition - Rasputina Core Box - EN

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Rasputina was brought to Malifaux in chains as another convict condemned to a slow death in the Guild's Breachside labor camps. Refusing to give up and die, she managed to escape and fled into the wilderness. How she survived remains a mystery, but somewhere in the inhospitable north she found the Tyrant known as December. He bound himself to her, granting her mastery over cold and ice, powers she used to assume leadership over December's Cult in the Ten Peaks. The Winter Witch has decided to come to Malifaux City herself, bringing with her the threat of an endless winter. She hopes to find an answer hidden in the warehouses that Old Ramos has left behind, or at the very least, a new goal. Contents: 1 Rasputina 1 Wendigo 1 Snow Storm 3 December Acolytes Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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