Kosuil Assault Pioneers (K1 Combi Rifle)

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Kosuil Assault Pioneers (K1 Combi Rifle) für das Spiel Infinity von Corvus Belli

Blister mit 1 Miniaturen: 1x KOSUIL Engineer (K1 Combi Rifle)

Vaarso Battlespeak notation: In the Tohaa Trident, units that take on special duties are assigned numeric denominators in the thousands order. However, in the Neebab Numerology,the conjunction of certain numbers of strong meanings can imply negative connotations. This is the case of Kosuil, the 7,040, which embodies dissension and ruin, abuse of power, lack of sensibility, and rudeness and cruelty.  

Profile: When a society enters into a war of attrition that rages on for years consuming all the resources of its economy, it begins to feels that options dwindle at the same rate as assets come in. In these cases, there is little will to dedicate part of the diminishing resources to maintaining burdens, like keeping military criminals and felons locked up for years. The Trident's solution was the creation of penal regiments that could make use of the scum and unworthy soldiers so they could do something good for the society that they had let down, and to rehabilitate them —in the hypothetical case that they survive, of course. 

The Kosuil regiment is an assault pioneer unit. Convicted soldiers with experience within assault and front line units, engineers and technicians that had profited from the black market, and saboteurs and terrorists were selected to form this unit. None of them were saints. All had their fair share of dirt on their record that guaranteed their efficiency in sabotage, destruction, and chaos operations: tasks for which the Operations Command could not rely on career soldiers, who can sometimes be too upright or honorable. The Kosuil receive a short instruction period focusing on demolition tactics and support weapons. Usually all the convicts tend to develop a quick understanding of the destructive capabilities of their weaponry. So it is normal that the soldier and the weapon both enjoy their job. The High Command knows what is done to make this unit so effective, which is an uncomfortable truth to admit in front of any civilian. The Kosuil can undertake the roughest missions. They are criminals; they can be sent to hell and they will have no hesitation executing the most brutal orders. Because in the end, they are already tainted. Does it matter if convicts have to cross the line? The Kosuil know that for them there is no line to cross. For them that line does not exist. There are only the orders and the success of the mission, the only things that will allow them to recover their freedom and leave the hell that is war. 

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