Kings of War Northern Alliance Mega Army

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Die Box Northern Alliance Mega Army von Mantic Games aus der Serie Kings Of War enthält 81 Modelle aus Plastik und Resin im 28mm Maßstab.

  • 20 Hard Plastic Clansmen
  • 10 PVC Plastic Ice Naiads
  • 10 Hard Plastic Naiads
  • Resin Ice Naiad conversion set
  • 10 PVC Plastic Ice Kin Hunters
  • 10 PVC Plastic Huscarls
  • 9 PVC Plastic Snow Trolls
  • 1 PVC Plastic/Resin Snow Troll Prime
  • 10 PVC Plastic Half-Elf Berserkers
  • 1 Resin Thegn on Frost Fang
  • Square Bases

The forces of Talannar?s alliance are hardy, veteran warriors with years of experience surviving and fighting in the harshest of conditions. Life isn?t fair, so deal with it ? a common saying amongst the northern tribes that make up the bulk of the troops at Talannar?s disposal.

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