Pavel Aleksei McMannus, Spetsgruppa C (Ojótnik)

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Pavel Aleksei McMannus, Spetsgruppa C (Ojótnik) für das Tabletop Spiel Infinity von Corvus Belli

  • 1x Pavel Mcmannus (Ojotnik)

As an infiltration specialist, he is an expert at sneaking into places where he shouldn?t be and escaping the most difficult circumstances. Pavel Aleksei has no trouble circumventing surveillance or security systems, but he?s also capable of crossing large tracts of enemy terrain without leaving the slightest trace. Clandestine actions, penetrating enemy territory, and causing damage are his things. 

Complete your Ariadna army from the Operation: Coldfront Battle Pack with a stealthy Specialist Operative who will take advantage of his Camouflage and his Forward Deployment to infiltrate between the enemy lines and generate as much damage as possible. 


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