TOH-08 - Enemy Forces Card Set

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Das Set TOH-08 - Enemy Forces Card Set von Grey For Now aus der Serie Test of Honour enthält 100 Karten um die Clan Modelle aus Edition 1 in Edition 2 verwenden zu können.

Hersteller: Grey For Now
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Pre-order, to ship mid-July. Any other products ordered at the same time will be held and sent in the same package.

All the cards from the 1st Edition expansion sets have been converted into the new style and split into two sets: Clan Forces and Enemy Forces, each containing the updated cards from 5 of the old sets. 

This set contains 100 cards including:


  • Sohei Monks
  • Chobei’s Renegades
  • Bandits & Brigands
  • Masked Men
  • Paupers

    While some cards have not changed, there are various tweaks to rules and stats.

    There are now unnamed heroes and two different companions for each of the troop types.

    This set also contains:

    • 4 new Traits, including Expert Shots and Evil Intent

    You will also need rules, dice, tokens, model warriors and terrain in order to play.

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