Big Archway Pack

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Kategorie: Infinity White

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Bausatz für den 28mm Maßstab, unbemalte vorgestanzte und texturierte PVC Platten in 2mm Dicke. Teil der Bourak Terrain Geländeserie und damit kompatibel zu den anderen Elementen.

This terrain kit includes:

2 Double archway intersections.
2 Double archway walled intersections.
2 Archway corner intersections.
2 3-way archway intersections.
1 Cross-intersection.
2 Ladders.

Before assembling the Big Archway Pack you will need to cut the connections that fix the different pieces to the PVC sheet. Assemble the different parts following the provided assembly instructions using cyanocrylate glue or a similar one.
It can be painted with acrylic paint. It is recommended to us a primer before painting it.
This product is delivered unassembled and unpainted.
It does not include the miniature.

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