Core Space Get to the Shuttle Expansion (Englisch)

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Get to the Shuttle ist eine Mini Erweiterung für Core Space. Die Crew kann in den Besitz eines Shuttles gelangen. Zwei neue Missionen und das Modell eines Shuttlles

Zum Spielen wird ein Grundset benötigt.


Get to the Shuttle! is a mini-expansion for Core Space that introduces a brand-new piece of terrain, and mode of transport! The shuttle makes it much easier to extract your crew from a tight spot or get around between games, but it doesn?t come cheap. In two thrilling new missions that slot straight into an existing campaign you will purchase a shuttle, and then be forced to escape with it, and your lives?

Requires the Core Space Starter Set to play.

Advanced Kit ? assembly requires some basic modelling skills and some parts require glue.


  • 1 Shuttle
  • 1 Cargo Crate
  • 1 Shuttle Equipment Token
  • 8 Damage Counters
  • Mission Briefing and Rules Booklet

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