The Cursed of Dead Man's Hand Collection

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Kategorie: The Curse of Dead Mans Hand

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Bausatz aus Lasergenschnittenen MDF im 28mm Maßstab.
Die Bauteile sind vorgefärbt. Für den Zusammenbau wird Klebstoff benötigt, gut geeignet ist Holzleim
(Abgebildete Figuren dienen nur dem Größenvergleich und sind nicht enthalten)

28S-DMH-S4 is a ?28S? 4Ground model set, ?28S? means this set is highly detailed with pre-painted parts.

This set includes seven fully detailed buildings, grave boards, picket fences and a hearse.

The first the townspeople knew of the arrival of the Baron to the town of Dead Man?s Hand was the outpouring of the dead from Samuel?s church, this wave of the undead hit the nearby townspeople out of nowhere and the ranks of the undead grew.

Before the end of the next day though Stuart Wheatley, Dan Pottinger and Kat Rogan had formed a band to stop the undead in their tracks.  The Baron now holds his court in the ruins of Samuel?s Church, the undead priest tending to his needs.  The nearby buildings have rotted quickly their frames corrupted by the ungodly presence of the Baron.

The townspeople are planning to retake Dead Man?s Hand, but to do that they need to destroy the Baron and there is more than a little supernatural about him.  But word is spreading around that two brothers, newly arrived in town and with a knowledge of the supernatural, have a way to drive out the malevolent presence.


This collection contains


1x 28S-DMH-126 Cursed House 1

1x 28S-DMH-127 Cursed House 2

1x 28S-DMH-128 Cursed House 3

1x 28S-DMH-129 Cursed House 4

1x 28S-DMH-130 Cursed House 5

1x 28S-DMH-131 Cursed House 6

1x 28S-DMH-132 The Cursed Church

1x 28S-CAW-105 Hears

1x 28S-TAO-138 Cemetery Entrance

1x 28S-TAO-139 Window Boardings

1x 28S-TAO-123 Grave Boards

1x 28S-DMH-A13 Weatherd Wood Pickette Fencing



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