Stormwall Colossal Box

Artikelnummer: PIP31050

Kategorie: Cygnar

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Klasse: War Koloss
Anzahl Modelle: 1
Material: Plastik
Figuren werden unbemalt geliefert und müssen teilweise noch zusammengebaut werden.

Perhaps Nemo?s greatest creation, the Stormwall towers over Cygnar?s enemies with all the majesty and menace of a looming cloudburst. From the thunder of its guns to the blinding cracks of arcing electricity from its lightning pods, the Stormwall is the mechanikal embodiment of the tempest. Powered by both steam and surging voltaic energy, it riddles the enemy lines with cannon shells and hails of bullets before smashing survivors with its electrified fists. The Stormwall Colossal comes in a box (PIP 31050) and includes three Lightning Pods and a colossal wreck marker. A player may field up to two Stormwalls for each warcaster in a Cygnar army. .

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