Sleevigal Fort

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Das Sleevigal Fort hat aufgebaut eine Grundfläche von ca. 30cm x30cm.

Bausatz aus Lasergenschnittenen MDF im 28mm Maßstab.
Die Bauteile sind vorgefärbt. Für den Zusammenbau wird Klebstoff benötigt, gut geeignet ist Holzleim

28S-FAR-S9 this is a ?28Standard? 4Gground kit with high detail and pre-painted parts.

Deep in the Teudenburg Forest, between the cities of Mordanburg and Teudenburg, lies the rustic town of Sleevigval. A fairly prosperous
town, mainly for this route, but also for access to the Karagian Mountains where many Offadreoz Kaezkers (Over-Dwarf Towns) can be
found. The town has long had its own walls but to keep the roads safe, a small forts were established outside the town, guarded by a force
of Teudenburg soldiers. Wielding pike and musket, these men are better equipped than their more western contemporaries from
Mordanburg or Fellendorf, to better reflect the might of Teudenburg.

Having been a mostly stable region of the province for decades now, posting to the Sleevigval forts has become something of a dead end.
Soldiers who have crossed a person of importance in the city are reassigned here or those who wish to escape from more risky
assignments in the footholds of the Karagian Mountains or on the Nihoan borders in the North and South.

This set combines several of the smaller kits from the Teudenburg Defences range to make a complete fort. Other kits can be used to
expand the forts size or shape so that you can fight any of the many sieges in the Teuden League?s history.

This kit contains:

One tower base with a bastion top, three corner wall sections, three 6" wall sections, one 3" wall section, four 1.5" wall sections, one gate
and three steps. When fully assembled the fort covers an area over 1' x 1

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