Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun
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Zusatzbuch in englischer Sprache zum Regelwerk: In her Majesty's Name

Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun
A Companion for In Her Majesty?s Name.

China, the greatest empire the world had ever known, is weak and divided after a series of humiliating defeats in the Opium Wars, and the divine Empress? court harbours many who deeply resent the westerners who inflicted and now take advantage of these losses. Japan, on the other hand, has embraced the West with open arms. After centuries of isolation the Japanese now march forwards and accept technologies that, a few decades before, would have been regarded as witchcraft. Possessed of the East?s most modern army, Japan now looks avariciously towards its neighbours. The next decade will decide whether the ancient empires of the East survive or are washed away, and every one of the Great Powers wants their slice.

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