Silvermoon Trade Syndicate Starter Set

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Bushido Figuren sind aus Metall und im 32mm Mastab. Sie werden mit Base und Charakterprofile Karte geliefert.
Bushido Figuren werden unbemalt geliefert und sind zum Teil mehrteilig und müssen noch zusammengebaut werden.

The thriving port of Jima is the beating heart of the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate?s operations. In recent generations the merchants of the Silvermoon Syndicate have been the trade life blood of the Jwar isles. It?s famed arenas where Buto warriors clash in a brutal dance of Jumo, or the Flower Houses where ones wildest fantasies can become reality with the touch of a Rose, the Syndicate rules. Some would liken the Silvermoon to the flip of a coin; If lucky you come up in the sun with the Five Fortunes blessing, call it wrong or try and cheat them and you?re likely to end up face down in the dirt!

Blister contains five miniatures, four 30mm bases, one 40mm base and five full colour profile cards.

  • Harukichi, Silvermoon Oyabun
  • Manu, Buto Bodyguard
  • Tsubaki, Rose of Jima
  • Wasapu
  • Senpu

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