Shotgun House (C)

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Kategorie: Homeland Apocalypse

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Bausatz aus Lasergenschnittenen MDF im 28mm Maßstab.
Die Bauteile sind vorgefärbt. Für den Zusammenbau wird Klebstoff benötigt, gut geeignet ist Holzleim
(Abgebildete Figuren dienen nur dem Größenvergleich und sind nicht enthalten.

28S-CHW-108 is a ?28S? 4Ground model kit. ?28S? means this kit is highly detailed inside and outside with many pre-painted parts.

In the mid C19th on the French island territory of Haiti a narrow gable fronted worker?s dwelling had developed with external door openings in the gable ends in alignment front and rear.  Internal partition walls were used to divide living space, with internal partition doors in alignment with the external doors enabling good air circulation; often built with a high roof pitch and small windows below the gable peaks which contributed to the cooling environment created by the effect of drafting air through the dwelling.  

By the late C19th these dwellings had spread across much of the USA  and could be commonly found from Southern Texas all the way up to Chicago - North East Illinois.  Better quality examples were sometimes called ?Shotgun Houses? rather than ?Shotgun Shacks? to distinguish them from those of a poorer quality.  By the early to mid C20th almost all of these houses were considered old and dilapidated and both ?Shotgun Shack? and ?Shotgun house? implied a poor quality dwelling. 

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