Retribution Mage Hunter Assassin (Variant Pose) Blister

Artikelnummer: PIP35033

Kategorie: Retribution of Scyrah

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Klasse: Solo
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Material: Metall
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Mage hunter assassins are practiced killers and mage hunters with refined skills. Recruitment for this cabal is slow, for their chain blades are tricky to use and require exceptional reflexes. A skilled assassin can send the blade flying tremendous distances before whipping the chain to bring the weapon to hand for close-quarter fighting.

The alternate sculpt Mage Hunter Assassin provides a dynamic new pose that allows players to differentiate their models on the tabletop.

Mage Hunter Assassin (variant pose) comes in a blister (PIP35033). A player may field two Mage Hunter Assassins for each warcaster in a Retribution army.

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