Retribution Aspis Light Warjack Blister

Artikelnummer: PIP35035

Kategorie: Retribution of Scyrah

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Klasse: Warjack
Anzahl Modelle: 1
Material: Metall
Figuren werden unbemalt geliefert und müssen teilweise noch zusammengebaut werden.

Aspis Leichter Myrmidon A marvel of Iosan force mastery, the Aspis is capable of manipulating its own protective force field. It can reshape and strengthen its shield in response to incoming threats. This ability, coupled with its incredible reaction time, allows it to intercept enemy fire directed at nearby allies, literally catching bullets before they strike. A warcaster accompanied by this myrmidon with its regenerating field can feel secure in taking risks that might otherwise be reckless. The Aspis warjack comes in a blister (PIP 35035). A player may field any number of Aspis in a Retribution of Scyrah army.

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