Owlbear II

Artikelnummer: OW-WE01B

Kategorie: WE-Wilderness Encounters

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This is a conversion pack which includes the pieces to make a single Owlbear model, but with several optional parts. It includes:

1 x Owlbear body, similar to WE1a, but with re-posed legs
2 different heads, 1 similar to WE1a but with a closed beak, and a second with a very different appearance
2 different pairs of arms
2 different tails

All parts are also compatible with WE1a, to allow lots of different variant combinations.

This set, like the original, was sculpted by Paul Muller, and is cast in pewter. It is supplied with a 40mm round plastic base.

Die Figur wird unbemalt geliefert und muss noch zusammengebaut werden.

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