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Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish Regelbuch (softback, full colour throughout, 136 pages, 210mm x 297mm).

Geeignet für Anfänger sowie Erfahrenere: ein simples, elegantes Spielprinzip, dass dem Spielerlebnis eine epische Athmosphäre verleiht & eine Fülle an Stategien erlaubt!

Über 100 Charaktere können ausgewählt werden: Monster, Minions, Abenteurer, Orcs, Ogres, Dämonen, Drachen uvm.

The rules are designed for fast-moving, all-action games, allowing you to play a band of battle-hardened adventurers or a tribe of marauding monsters.

Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish is set in a fantasy world from the golden age of gaming, and uses state of the art rules and game mechanics to bring you the ultimate in dungeon adventure.

Wield arcane magic with mighty spells and enchanted artifacts. Experience thrilling adventures packed with unexpected encounters ? wandering monsters, treacherous traps and the promise of a fabulous treasure glinting in the darkness?

This expandable game system allows you to add new abilities, spells, magic items and minions, to customise your factions and create your own exciting fantasy skirmish games.

This special pre-order bundle includes the following:

Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish rulebook (softback, full colour throughout, 136 pages, 210mm x 297mm)
Pad of 30 faction roster sheets
Set of 6 Otherworld Demon Dice
Deck of 78 cards (Adventure, Magic Items, Spells)
Set of 54 status counters
2 Otherworld Miniatures pencils


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