Nickstarter Level 1: Lieutenant

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Nickstarter Level 1: Lieutenant von Northstar enthält zwei Bücher:

  • Regelbuch Muskets & Tomahawk II
  • Supplement Redcoats & Tomahawk
  • plus alle erreichten Belohnungen aus der Nickstarter Kampagne

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Level 1 Nickstarter deal: Lieutenant.

This Lieutenant level Nickstarter deal gets you one copy of Muskets & Tomahawks rulebook and one copy of Redcoats & Tomahawks supplement book.

It qualifies you for all the rewards and benefits of being in the Muskets & Tomahawks Nickstarter pre-order campaign.

You can follow the Nickstarter Campaign here

Musket & Tomahawk Rulebook
This ?small war? is intrinsic to military campaigns and encompasses a huge variety of situations: reconnaissance missions, raids on enemy villages, attacks on convoys and outposts, and much more.
Muskets & Tomahawks sees you lead a detachment of between twenty and over a hundred figures in thrilling and tactical battles. Centred on the card-based activation of different troop types, with innovative mechanics that recreate the chaos of these kinds of encounters, Muskets & Tomahawks lets you replay the great wars of the age of black powder: the French and Indian Wars, the American Revolution, Napoleon?s campaigns, the American Civil War, and the multitude of colonial conflicts fought by the empires of Europe.
In this book you will find the core rules, as well as a set of special rules to recreate the peculiarities of the small war: spotting the enemy, hidden movement, the varying reactions of units with different doctrines, combat in unusual conditions, and officers? ambitions and personal intrigues. Apart from this rulebook, you?ll  need the Muskets & Tomahawks supplement that covers the period you want to recreate to start playing your first games

BP1718 - Redcoats and Tomahawks
Supplement for Muskets and Tomahawks covering the armies that fought in the:

French Indian War.

American War of Independance.

The War of 1812.


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