Legion Warspear Chieftain Unit Attachment Blister

Artikelnummer: PIP73076

Kategorie: Legion of Everblight

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Klasse: Unit Attachment
Anzahl Modelle: 1
Material: Metall

Häuptling der Kriegsspeere - Verdorbener Ogrun Solo On the battlefield warspear chieftains direct their forces against the most dangerous of their enemies, offering every kill as a sacrament to the dragon. They incite their warspears to violence and lead them into the fray. Even the most rugged terrain poses no obstacle to these frenzied warriors. Rising to the position of chieftain among the warspears requires an ogrun to be possessed of strength and viciousness remarkable even among a race of brutal warriors who prize viciousness in slaughter. The Warspear Chieftain unit attachment comes in a blister (PIP 73076). A player may field up to two Warspear Chieftains for each warlock in a Legion army.

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