Echo-Bravo, Fast Intervention Unit (Light Rocket Launcher)

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Echo-Bravo, Fast Intervention Unit (Light Rocket Launcher) für das Tabletop Spiel Infinity von Corvus Belli

  • 1x Echo-bravo (Light Rocket Launcher)

The Echo-Bravo Unit is the tip of PanOceania?s bullwhip: quick, loud and painful as all Hell, one of the hardest units in action.

This blister includes one miniature: An Echo-Bravo with a Light Rocket Launcher. Thanks to his Airborne Infiltration Special Skill, he will spread the chaos among the enemy lines. An addition that will provide mobility to your Varuna Immediate Reaction Division.


?Vincere est Totum? (To win is everything). Motto of the Echo-Bravo Unit. The rank and file of the Varuna Division have an old nickname for Special Forces folk. ?Snake eaters?, they call them. Snake eaters are a different animal, taking on more specialized, more dangerous gigs than regular troopers, but Echo-Bravos are a cut above the rest in terms of bravery. Their job is to haul ass to some critical spot to establish a position, contain a situation or fight off hostiles; but here?s the thing: being the first boots on the ground means no support. The Echo-Bravo Unit is the tip of PanOceania?s bullwhip: quick, loud and painful as all Hell. The operational profile of these hardcore snake eaters places them at a numerical disadvantage more often than not, in scenarios where the only defense is an all-out offense to make the enemy stumble through sheer violence. Their only chance to live through that is to maintain a strict training regimen, usually on some abandoned algae processing plant off the coast of the Lemurian Archipelago. Basic training includes being air dropped onto one of these wobbly floating factories during a typhoon, a team of veteran snake eaters waiting in ambush for the sea-tossed rookies. If they can keep their wits about them in that kind of nightmare scenario, the real-world assignments High Command heaps on them will feel like summer camp.

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