Kami of Choking Fog and Blighted Earth

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Kami of Choking Fog and Blighted Earth aus der Fraktion Ronin für das Spiel Bushido Risen Sun

  • Cult of Yurei

Bushido Figuren sind aus Metall und im 32mm Maßstab. Sie werden mit Base und Charakterprofile Karte geliefert
Figuren für das Spiel werden unbemalt geliefert und sind zum Teil mehrteilig und müssen noch zusammengebaut werden.

For all the benevolent and benign Kami that fill the Jwar Isles, there are some that have become twisted, just as the Temple of Rokan has enlisted the Kami in the aid of the people and protection of the lands. These dark, corrupted mockeries are a curse against all that is natural and sacred. Their mere presence taints and blights the area around them. The motives unknown, their actions seem bent on destruction and death.    

Blister contains two models, two 30mm bases and two full colour profile cards.   

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