Cyriss Steelsoul Protector Solos

Artikelnummer: PIP36012

Kategorie: Convergence of Cyriss

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Klasse: Solo
Anzahl Modelle: 1
Material: Metall
Figuren werden unbemalt geliefert und müssen teilweise noch zusammengebaut werden.

The primary purpose of a steelsoul protector is to serve as a shield against any harm intended for the priests of Cyriss. The shell of the vessel is engineered to be light enough to allow its bearer to move with startling speed while also being tremendously durable. The vessel?s frame possesses the strength necessary to employ the protector?s massive iron glaive to deflect incoming blows and deliver surprisingly swift counterstrikes. Only the most worthy members of the Convergence are afforded the tremendous honor of being chosen for soul transfer into one of these revered vessels. The Steelsoul Protector solo comes in a blister (PIP 36012). A player may field up to three Steelsoul Protector solos for each warcaster in a Convergence army.

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