Aircraft and Aces Ork Air Waaagh! Cards (Englisch)

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Kategorie: Aeronautica Imperialis

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Bitte beachte, dass es sich um ein Produkt in englischer Sprache handelt. Keep track of your Ork Air Waaagh! aircraft and their upgrades with this handy reference card pack. This pack contains the following cards: - 19 Ork Aircraft cards that are ideal references for use in-game for your Dakka Jets, Fighta Bommers, Eavy Bommers and Grot Bommers. Also includes the 'Vulture' and 'Big Burna' reference cards. - 26 Aircraft Upgrade cards - 34 Aircraft Weapon cards - 6 Ground Defences cards including Flak Platform and ?Eavy Flak Kannon - 8 Ork Aces cards, including the infamous Toofraker and Da Black Barun You will need a copy of the Aeronautica lmperialis: Wings of Vengeance boxed game or the Rynn's World Air War Campaign book to use the contents of this card pack.


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