Log Timber Block House

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Log Timber Block House aus der Serie American Legends von 4Ground ist ein Bausatz aus lasergenschnittenen MDF im 28mm Maßstab.

Die Bauteile sind vorgefärbt. Für den Zusammenbau wird Klebstoff benötigt, gut geeignet ist Holzleim oder ein Modellbaukleber.

(Abgebildete Figuren dienen nur dem Größenvergleich und sind nicht enthalten)

Hersteller Beschreibung:

This highly detailed laser cut wargames model joins 4Ground?s growing range of  American Legend buildings.  Like many in the range this building makes an ideal objective or terrain piece for The French Indian Wars, The War Of Independence and The War Of 1812-15.

Small Blockhouses were often the first line of defence and last bastion of hope until relief, many were built at strategic locations like the banks of major waterways to observe and, if they had even a single cannon, hinder enemy movements.

A Blockhouse could be of a simple rustic construction made by local militia, but this one is much more than that; built by the regular army, a crow?s nest gave even further horizons to observe and a cannon could be raised and lowered through the stout central trap door to shoot through the gunports in any direction and at two elevations.

28mm Scale models supplied unassembled. Miniatures not included.
This kit is rated 4Ground skill level 4.

1 x 28mm Pre-painted Log Timber Block House


4Ground Paints Used:

3: Weathered Wood
4: Bleached Wood
6: Pale Stone
11: Wet Mud

Figures Painted by Ivor McMain

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